Blonde Specialist Dawesville

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Book into our conveniently located Sachi Hair and Beauty Salon located in Mandurah Forum, and you will find our team excited to discuss a new look, a restyle or a special occasion makeover with you, using all the latest techniques, products and services.

At Sachi Hair and Beauty we use Goldwell Professional and Napoleon Perdis products to achieve outstanding results for your new look.

Blonde Hair Specialist Dawesville

To get that gorgeously blonde hair you’ve been dreaming of takes time, dedication and skill, with a visit to our professional blonde hair specialists you can achieve the perfect shade for you. Whether you want to go ash, caramel, golden, milkshake or platinum we’ve got you covered.

Here is some information you will need if planning on going blonde.

Why go blonde?

  • No matter what your skin tone, there is a shade of blonde to match it flawlessly.
  • If you’re thinking of enhancing your hair with a bold color, blonde is the perfect base to start with.
  • You’re looking for something new, and honestly who isn’t?

Things to consider before going blonde:

  • It takes time; depending on your natural hair color the blonde specialist may recommend multiple sessions and a transition plan.
  • Take into mind your skin tone when choosing the color of blonde.
  • It could weaken your hair and change your hair texture.

Blonde Hair Specialist Dawesville

Cool & Icy Blondes

With its icy whiteness, platinum blonde hair colour brings the drama. Looking especially stunning on lighter complexions with blue or green eyes because it can help make features pop. You’ll turn heads with your new silvery blonde hue.

Neutral & Natural Blondes

Think you were born to be blonde? If you want to fake a natural blonde hair colour, consider sporting this classic, luxurious natural blonde. The epitome of blonde hair colours, it’s precisely what you imagine when you think of someone born with a full head of beautiful blonde locks.

Golden & Warm Blondes

Embrace golden, buttery, sun kissed, honey tones. Medium golden blonde hair pairs beautifully with medium skin tones as it complements the warmth and tone of your complexion giving you that golden holiday glow.

Blonde Hair Specialist Dawesville

From the moment you walk into Sachi, our blonde hair specialists work closely with you to achieve your dream look. Our stylists have the expertise, knowledge and care to leave you looking breathtaking, with a finish that will look like you just left the salon for weeks on end.

Everyone’s hair and ambitions are different, which is why we take the time to understand exactly what you’re after. Then, we help you achieve you and bring it to life.

Don’t leave your blonde desires to the amateurs. Leave them in the hands of true hair professionals. We promise you will be left feeling that little inkling of joy that can only come from knowing you look like the stunning thing you are.